Harsh Persecution of Muslims Converted to Christianity

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 1, 2010

In Great Britain many converts from Islam to Christianity are forced to worship in secret at the risk of their own lives according to the report of the French Internet Portal “Observatoire de l’islamisation” which resulted in a report broadcasted 2010 on British TV.

Nissar Hussain, a British Pakistani living in Bradford who converted to Christianity, was targeted and attacked by Muslims until he was forced to flee his home. First a young Muslim man came to his house, knocking at the door, swearing loudly; later they came to smash the window of his home numerous times so that living there became impossible. The walls in front of the entrance doors had been daubed with graffiti saying offensive terms like “Christian dogs”; bottles and bricks were thrown in their garden. His five young children were frequently sworn and spat at on their way to school. Nissan’s conversion has been seen as an act of betrayal by the Muslims. His wife Quabra and his children are still emotional traumatized after many of years of abuse and threats. The violence was not limited to attacks on their family home; once on the way bringing his children to school Nissan was beaten and sworn at with the words “You’re embarrassing our religion, you should be killed”. Source: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie