Left MPs File Complaint Against Cross in Polish Parliament

Country: Poland

Date of incident: June 28, 2012

About 10 MPs of the anti-clerical “Palikot Movement” seek to enforce the removal of the Cross in the Polish Parliament by legal proceedings at the Administrative Court.

About 10 left wing MPs of the "Palikot Movement" seek to remove the crucifix, in the parliament as Polish media reported earlier this month. A party spokeswoman complains saying that the cross behind the speakers’ platform violates the individual right of freedom of religion. The party previously had called Kopacz, the President of the Parliament, unsuccessfully, to ban the crucifix from the meeting room. Four legal experts appointed by Kopacz saw no legal reason for removing the cross as it is not contrary to the Constitution or contrary to European law. The wooden cross that caused offence has been hanging in the assembly room since 1997. Source: Kath.net http://www.kath.net/detail.php?id=37129