Orthodox Churches in Process of Rebuilding Vandalized and Robbed in Kosovo-Metohija

Country: Kosovo

Date of incident: January 30, 2007

A roof surface of almost 50 square meters of lead roofing was stolen from the Serbian Orthodox Church consecrated to Our Lady in Prizren which is in process of rebuilding after the devastation of Albanian mass riots in 2004.

Similar riots concerning Christian places of culture could be perceived some months earlier when the Church of Saint Kyriake was demolished. The economic damage was determined by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and has been estimated about 12.000€.  Since 2005 the Council of Europe supports the financial means necessary for the reconstruction of the Christian Churches in the region of Kosovo-Metohija. Despite the requests for special protection for the Christian cultural heritage in the process of rebuilding; the government of Kosovo neglected its task of providing adequate surveillance. Furthermore the Church of Our Lady in Prizrien is listed on the UNESCO world heritage since 2007. Sources: http://www.ead.de/arbeitskreise/religionsfreiheit/nachrichten/einzelansicht/article/kosovo-unesco-welterbe-kirche-im-kosovo-beraubt.html