German Christian Rights' Activist Heavily Insulted And Threatened After Opposing Gay Adoption on TV

Country: Germany

Date of incident: December 10, 2012

In the German public service broadcaster ARD’s talk show “Tough but Fair” (“Hart aber Fair”), on Monday, December 3rd, the question whether homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children was debated. Women’s and Family Rights activist Birgit Kelle argued that children need a mother and a father. Following her appearance on the show, a journalist of the said ARD commented on his twitter account: “I think she is a witch. Witches get burned.”

He deleted this message later and publicly apologized to Mrs Kelle. Mrs Kelle reported she had received many encouraging letters of support but also a small amount of message that were extremely hateful and violent. She was called a "Nazi", "disgusting" and "a disgrace to society". People also wrote they wished she would "go through hell on earth."