Greenpeace Activists Harass Crossroads Walkers

Country: Spain

Date of incident: September 6, 2012

Participants in Spain’s first annual Crossroads walk, a Christian-inspired cross-country march for the right to life, were confronted with a group of angry Greenpeace activists, who were peeved by the walkers’ pro-life position, and suffered insults, severe threats of violence and graffiti on their RV.

The walkers were confronted by several of the Greenpeace activists, who wore identifying vests. Walking up to them, “one of the activists spat on the walkers, while the rest began to yell out insults. ‘Sons of bitches, bastards!’,” and other epithets, according to Spanish Crosswalk leader Jaime Hernandez. “The members of Crossroads ignored the insults and continued walking. The Greenpeace activists grew even angrier, the sight of a group of pro-life girls which had lagged behind seemed to enrage them and got them to yell ‘Long live abortion!  We are pro-death!’”  “At that moment a young man from the first group turned around to accompany the girls and was threatened directly by one Greenpeace activist with the typically thuggish gesture of slitting one’s throat with the index-finger,” Hernandez relates. At that point, he said, the walkers decided to call the police, who soon arrived and took down descriptions of the Greenpeace activists. The incident was the most troubling of the trip, which also saw graffiti spray painted on the RV, and the socialist lieutenant mayor of the town of Tordesillas ordering the police to prohibit the walkers from handing out literature, according to Hernandez.
Spain’s first annual Crossroads walk started in Barcelona on July 9th and ended on August 19 in Santiago de Compostela, the site of the burial of St. James the Apostle, one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Europe. We thank Lifesitenews for reporting. Source: