Bishop of Trieste Barricaded After Reiterating Church Teaching on Homosexuality in Church Newspaper

Country: Italy

Date of incident: January 12, 2013

In the January edition of the Diocesan newspaper, the Bishop of Trieste had published an article restating the Church’s teaching on homosexual unions. Because of this, on the 12th of January about two hundred homosexual activist demonstrated in front of his home effectively barricading him in for the afternoon.

The activist accused Bishop Crepaldi of open a “classic racist campaign against gay, lesbian and transgender people” and announced they intend to “prosecute” anyone who opposed their agenda, including churchmen.” Both the Bishops article and the subsequent demonstration come in the wake of a campaign begun in December by Italy’s largest homosexualist group Arcigay against “homophobia” that involved the placing of photos of same-sex couples in intimate family situations on buses. The campaign is aimed at demanding legal equality for all types of families. Source: