Homeschooling Severely Limited, Proposal of Relaxation Rejected

Country: Slovakia

Date of incident: February 29, 2012

To educate one's children privately at home is understood to be a human right of parents. The state is called upon to ensure the quality of the home education. In Slovakia, the so-called homeschooling is severaly limited. Such a law jeopardizes especially Christians families, as practically it is often Christians who wish to homeschool their children.

In Slovakia, homeschooling is permitted only for pupils of 1st to 4th class in primary schools, or for disabled children, or for children which have been arrested and cannot go to school for longer than two months. A permission of the school’s director is necessary, and parents are required to have university degrees.
The Christian-democratic opposition party KKDH had proposed a relaxation of the law, suggesting amongst other things to extend homeschooling also to pupils of 5th to 9th class, and to amend the condition of minimal level of education of the person who is responsible for homeschooling process. On February 9, 2012, the proposed amendment of the law was rejected by the Slovak Parliament.
According to KDH member of parliament, Mr. Prochazka, Slovak legislation is one of the strictest in the world.