Graffiti Threatens Christians in Ljubljana

Country: Slovenia

Date of incident: February 1, 2013

Unknown perpetrators sprayed on a wall of a shopping center on one of the thoroughfares in Ljubljana on 1 February 2013 a graffiti threatening Christians with violence. “Kristjani – klali smo vas 1945 – klali vas bomo 2013” - “Christians – we slaughtered you in 1945 – we shall slaughter you in 2013”, was sprayed in large letters on a wall.

The hate graffiti is inciting religious hatred and promoting violence and war. The mention of the year 1945 refers to the post-war slaughter that was a consequence of the communist revolution and its concomitant civil war. Many people in Slovenia who were not ideologically aligned with the communist regime were killed after World War II without due judicial process, and their bodies have not yet received a decent burial.

The Policijska uprava Ljubljana (Ljubljana Police Department) has confirmed the receipt of a report relating to the graffiti and is investigating further. It has also issued a statement that the graffiti clearly shows signs of an act punishable by law for public incitation of hatred, violence or intolerance. The Slovenian Bishops' Conference calls the incident "without a doubt a case of hate speech and an incitation of religious intolerance, which is expressly forbidden by the Slovenian Constitution." Sources: Press Release of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference in English / in Slovenian Catholic weekly Družina: The Metropolitan Archbishop of Ljubljana and President of the Slovenian Episcopal Conference Msgr. Anton Stres, Ph.D.:   Ombudsperson for Human Rights Dr. Zdenka Čebašek Travnik Svet katoliških laikov Slovenije (Council of Catholic Laypersons of Slovenia) issued a statement 5 February 2013: