Women At Pro Life Manifestation Attacked

Country: European Institutions (EU, ECHR, et.al.)

Date of incident: January 1, 1970

Male pro-abortion protesters physically attacked several pro-life women during a rally on March 10 in Warsaw, pushing and kicking them. The pro-lifers were part of the organization Fundacja Pro and were carrying a controversial banner of a woman who died during an abortion.

Kasia, a young pro-life woman, was beaten to the point of having to go for a forensic examination later. Feminists who witnessed the situation did not condemn the physical violence against women. Instead, they asked the media not to film the incident, recalled Maria Piasecka Łopuszańska, from the organization Women for the Nation . "Nobody moved. Feminists looked on as they were beating us," she said. Source: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/feminist-men-physically-attack-pro-life-women-during-a-womens-rights-rally Read the Polish story on Fronda