No Conscientious Objection for Pharmacists

Country: France

Date of incident: May 21, 2013

Category: Government Restrictions

Attack against: Morals

Area of case: Governmental

In French law conscientious objection for pharmacists is merely non-existent. Pharmacists are compelled to stock and sell the so-called “morning-after” or abortion pill. Moreover, in France, in the case of ‘passive euthanasia’ (i.e. a voluntary interruption of treatment), the physician has the right to be replaced by another doctor , but nothing in the law mentions the case of the other medical professionals, including nurses who often find themselves in very difficult situations. The prospects are not good: the very principle of conscientious objection is at risk. Eva Joly, French member of the European Parliament, recently said: "I am absolutely for France to abolish the clause of conscientious objection for doctors."

Source and further information: The Observatory's Report 2012 on Legal Restrictions Effecting Christians in Europe