New Documentary by OIDAC Europe: "Self-Censored" (2024)

Posted on: December 5, 2023

Country: Austria

OIDAC Europe has produced a documentary that explores the topic of self-censorship. The film shows the experiences and thoughts of Christian university students in Europe, when trying to share their faith or live according to their beliefs in a highly secular environment. This project led to reflection on Christianity, society, freedom of speech, social media, and many other topics. The students also shared ideas for ways to encourage open conversations and mutual respect among groups of individuals holding different opinions and beliefs.

What is self-censorship? Is it affecting the way we express our opinions and beliefs? Studies show that the phenomenon of “self-censorship“ is already negatively affecting different groups of society (for religious and nonreligious people alike). We believe it is crucial to raise awareness about this problem to avoid normalising it.

EWTN Germany has published the film with German translation, which can be accessed here: EWTN

More broadcasting dates coming soon!

Later, the film will also be available on OIDAC Europe's YouTube account. 

See the Trailer here: YouTube Trailer

See the full movie here: YouTube Film