France records almost 1,000 hate crimes against Christians in 2023

Posted on: April 8, 2024

Country: France

In an interview with the French Christian radio station the spokesperson of the French Ministry of Interior said that almost 1,000 anti-Christian hate crimes were recorded in 2023.

90% of these incidents were directed against property, such as cemeteries and churches. The statistical services of Place Beauvau also documented 84 attacks against persons, which were directed against Christians and had an anti-religious motive, according to Camille Chaize, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior. Due to the heightened security risk, 10,000 security forces were mobilised for Holy Week.

On March 20, the French Ministry of Interior published the new statistics, which found that racist, xenophobic or anti-religious crimes and offences increased by 32% in 2023. However, exact numbers on anti-Christian hate crimes were not given in the Ministry's publication. Camille Chaize, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, revealed those numbers in an interview with RCF.