ACN Religious Freedom Report 2014: The Netherlands „Worrying”

The Aid to the Church in Need Religious Freedom Report 2014 states inter alia about the Netherlands: "Already in December 2009 the Dutch Patient Association (NPV) was not granted a subsidy by the town council of Rhenen because of its pro-life stance in the issue of Euthanasia. The refusal was clearly motivated by an anti-Christian attitude". "Since 2007, the government in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West district has only employed commissioners who agree to perform samesex “marriages,” and officials apparently believed the district was free of “conscientious objectors.” "Disputes sometimes arise when freedom of speech and the exercise of religious freedom clash with the strictly enforced ban on any kind of discrimination. Either the courts or anti-discrimination boards address these disputes. Complaints against religious or political spokesmen who publicly condemn homosexuality are repeatedly filed." Observatory’s Summary of the Report:
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