Ladele Discriminated As A Christian, Says Minority Opinion of Two ECHR Judges

Two dissenting judges of the ECHR expressed their powerful minority opinion in this way:

"It is … pertinent to observe that when [Ladele] joined … the London borough of Islington in 1992, and when she became a registrar of births, deaths and marriages in 2002, her job did not include officiating at same-sex partnership ceremonies. There is nothing to suggest … that it was to be expected … that marriage registrars would have to officiate at these ceremonies in the future. If anything, both the law (the Civil Partnership Act 2004) and the practice of other local authorities allowed for the possibility of compromises which would not force registrars to act against their consciences. In [Ladele's] case, however, a combination of backstabbing by her colleagues and the blinkered political correctness of the borough of Islington (which clearly favoured "gay rights" over fundamental human rights) eventually led to her dismissal."