Politicians Release Report on the Freedom of Christians in the UK

Other findings are that the policing of the Public Order Act, which has been used to arrest street preachers, “demonstrates a lack of understanding of what is a legitimate expression of Christian belief”. And it notes that some UK local authorities “place unnecessary barriers to wider Christian contribution”. Gary Streeter MP, who was involved with the inquiry, commented: “Christians are not asking for special treatment, but we are looking for a level playing field and for sincerely held beliefs to be given equal space in our law and in our society. I hope the Government will take this report very seriously.” Mr Streeter added: “Importantly, it would also see that religious liberty and identity is preserved by accommodating those who by their deeply held beliefs would prefer not to provide them certain good and services.” Read the full report: http://www.eauk.org/current-affairs/publications/upload/Clearing-the-ground.pdf www.eauk.org/current-affairs/publications/upload/Executive-summary.pdf http://www.eauk.org/current-affairs/publications/upload/All-Contributors-CTG.pdf Listen to the MPs and Peers working sessions: http://soundcloud.com/evangelical-alliance/clearing-the-ground-session-1 http://soundcloud.com/evangelical-alliance/clearing-the-ground-session-2 http://soundcloud.com/evangelical-alliance/clearing-the-ground-session-3 Source: http://www.christian.org.uk/news/laws-do-fail-christians-say-mps-and-peers/?e020312