British Media Company Releases Marginalisation of Christians Report 2007-2011

(Executive Summary) 1. According to our research, a significant number of Christians perceive a strong bias exists against Christians, in favour of other groups i.e. other religions and those of a different sexual orientation.
2. The general public also agree a strong bias exists against Christians in British public life and that this is set to increase in the future.
3. High profile church, civic and political leaders have spoken publicly against the increasing marginalisation of Christianity in British public life.
4. Both Christians and non-Christians believe religious freedom constitutes an important part of the British identity.
5. The media plays an important role in shaping public attitudes towards Christianity.
6. Our research reveals there is an inconsistency in the way the Courts apply and interpret equality laws in relation to Christians. When it comes to competing rights between different groups, the rights of Christians seem to be consistently ‘sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.’
7. According to our evidence, Christians believe the greatest challenge to Christianity in the UK is secularism.
8. Despite increased instances of Christian marginalisation in the UK, Premier Christian Media believes there is a distinct difference between ‘marginalisation’ and ‘persecution’, which occurs in many other parts of the world. Source and full report online on Premier's website...   Download report