Study Reveals Growing Trend of Marginalisation of Christians in the UK

Premier Media analyses: • A significant number of Christians perceive a strong bias exists against Christians in favour of other groups i.e. other religions and those of a different sexual orientation, in British public life.
 • The general public, in addition to Christians, believe that the marginalisation of Christianity in public life is increasing and that this is set to get worse in the future.
 • There is an inconsistency in the way the Courts apply and interpret equality laws in relation to Christians and fails to recognise the way this conflicts with Human Rights Legislation.
 • The media plays an important role in shaping public attitudes towards Christianity.
 • Secularism, the rise of Islam and apathy were identified as the greatest threats to the Christian faith. Read more of Premier Media on this subject: The survey was conducted on a base of 544 active Christians. See all charts: