Christianity Marginalised in the Media, Concludes Poll

Premier Christian Media analyses: The negative representations of Christian characters in TV soaps/ dramas, was also highlighted as a specific area of concern. There was a strong sense, based on the Freedom of the Cross responses, that Christian characters were more likely to be mocked and ridiculed, compared to other faiths.
A small number of respondents highlighted particular concern at the use of ‘Jesus Christ’ as an acceptable swear word within the media. In June 2011, OFCOM conducted a survey with only 130 participants. One of the survey’s key findings was that:
“Jesus Christ is generally considered to be acceptable because it is frequently used in everyday life and not usually used in a context which is likely to offend people.”
A number of respondents in our consultation expressed serious concern at OFCOM’s findings, with one Christian stating:
“The Christian faith is constantly being put down by the media in favour of other faiths. Comedians mock and insult our faith but they don’t dare do it to other faiths. Christ’s name has now become a swear word and is not revered… they wouldn’t do it to Muslims, so why is it acceptable to disrespect Christianity?”

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Source: Report on the Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life 2007-2011, Premier Christian Media

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Premier Research, 20th August 2008 (n= 510); and 2011.

Further: The Christian Institute, 11th June 2011