Observatory Submits Paper on Demands of Freedom of Religion to EU

RELIGARE is a three-year European research project on religions, belonging, beliefs and secularism in Europe,funded by the European Commission. Its stated purpose is to explore adequate policy responses to religious and cultural diversity as a social reality in Europe. It focusses on the areas public space, the workplace, the family, and state support to faith communities. An atheist organization submitted a lengthy paper containing many worrying details for those who seek to protect freedom of religion. The Observatory did not want to leave these arguments unanswered.  Together, with renowned experts, we compiled a submission which has become more than a mere answer: it maps out the way to a Europe that is conscious of its heritage and has respect for fundamental rights, without disregarding today’s plurality of religion and belief. Please find here the entire submission. It is summarized in an abstract after the initial remarks, followed by the entire text.