Over 80% Favor Freedom of Religion in the Workplace, and for Symbols, in the UK

In a public survey conducted in 2010:
• 87% of people agreed that religious freedom is an important part of being British. 85% of people agreed that “everyone should have the freedom to wear a religious symbol if they want.”
• 81% of all people agreed that “people have a right to wear and show a cross at work if they want to, whatever their job.”
Despite the possible weaknesses in both cases, in specific reference to the case of Shirley Chaplain, almost three quarters (74%) of those surveyed believe the National Health Service was wrong to insist Ms. Chaplain remove her cross while working on a hospital ward. Source: ‘The Freedom of the Cross’ ComRes Public poll April 2010 (n=1,001) More about Shirley Chaplain... And more about Nadia Eweia...

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