12% of Polled UK Christians Say They Personally Experienced Marginalisation

The feedback of the April 2010 survey on 542 responses can be divided into 3 main categories:
• Direct Experience - Individuals who had experienced it personally. A significant number occurred within the general workplace, the education sector, the NHS and in relationships with local authorities etc. 12 % of respondents fell into this category.
• Indirect Experience - Those close to respondents who had experienced marginalisation, eg. colleagues or members of their family. This also includes the way in which the media represents Christians. 8% fell into this category.
• Observance of marginalisation in British public life but had no direct or indirect experience of marginalisation - In these instances, the media’s portrayal of Christian discrimination, especially the high profile cross related cases, appeared to act as a stimulus for many of the respondents, creating a climate of apprehension and fear amongst them. 17% of participants fell into this category.

63% of respondents observed the general marginalisation of Christianity in British
public life.

Direct Experience 12%
Indirect Experience 8%
Referred to high profile media cases 17%
Observance of marginalisation in British Public Life 63%

Source: Report on the Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life 2007-2011, Premier Christian Media

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