Vandalism against Christians Nurtured by Media

Mgr Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne: “In 2009, the official ‘Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against sects’ numbered 226 acts of desecration against Christians, 6 against Muslims and 4 against Jews. In other words, over 95% of the desecration recorded in our country are targeted against Catholic places of worship and Catholic cemeteries, and their number is unfortunately increasing from one year to the other."

"I can not help wondering about the moral responsibility of certain media who nurture in French society a particularly unhealthy climate of anti-Catholicism and who consistently ignore desecrations or vandalism when they are not targeted against our Jewish or Muslims brothers. Have political authorities and anti-racist organizations sufficiently taken the measure of the severity of such desecrations, which are for most of them, the manifestation of a form of anti-religious and anti-Christian hatred, in front of which we can not remain silent?"