MEP Roger Helmer: Christians Persecuted Like Smokers

"I imagine many Christians today feel under threat.  The newspaper headlines about Christmas/Winterval, about the exclusion of faith groups from the public space and civic programmes, about the banning of Christian symbols, have become almost clichés.  Indeed I see a kind of parallel with smokers, who are also persecuted, and forced to indulge their habit out in the rain.  I am neither a member of any organised religion (though I feel a cultural affinity with the Church of England), nor am I a smoker.  But as an MEP I represent a great number of Christians, and smokers, and they have rights too.  At least they have a right to respect for their views.  We don’t have to agree with them, but we must recognise their right to disagree with us." (Member of the European Parliament Roger Helmer) Read full text at: