UK Rt. Reverend and Rt. Hon Lord Carey Speaking Against The Marginalisation of the Faith

“What is happening in Western Europe is not persecution but a marginalising of faith which seeks to portray it as a matter of personal conscience only. Some examples of this originate from a mistaken but well-meant political correctness that is anxious not to upset minority faiths by seeming to ‘privilege’ Christianity. Hence the regular ‘pantomime’ every Christmas where some local Council or another absurdly gives Christmas another name....

Of course, I not am denying for one moment that since 9/11 – and the date is significant – a new breed of atheists have moved into the public square arguing that Christianity, or any other faith, should have no role in public life.
This strident and bullying campaign seeks to ban faith schools, in spite of the clear evidence that such schools perform better than many others. We have reached a point where politicians are now criticised and mocked for merely expressing their faith." “It is clear that we must stand up against the marginalising of faith. We must constantly remind society of its Christian roots and heritage. As I wrote recently, if we behave like doormats, don’t be surprised if we are treated as though we are.” Rt. Reverend and Rt. Hon Lord Carey speaking to the Daily Telegraph, 2nd March 2010 Source: Daily Telegraph, 2nd March 2010

Portrayed in: Report on the Marginalisation of Christianity in British Public Life 2007-2011, Premier Christian Media

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