MEP Mario Mauro on Discrimination against Christians in Europe

Mr. Mario Mauro, Member of the European Parliament and OSCE representative on freedom of religion said in his own press release, "The examples shown [at an OSCE Roundtable on Intolerance against Christians on March 4th, 2009]… prove that the discrimination against Christians occurs not only in countries where Christians are a minority, but that cases of intolerance and discrimination against Christian are present both East and West of Vienna, without counting the violent persecutions which affect Christian communities outside the OSCE area… There are several types of discriminations … intentional, when discrimination is motivated by an effective dislike of Christians, and unintentional, that is when some apparently neutral government rules result in unequal treatment for Christians." Mr. Mauro concluded by recalling the importance of ensuring freedom of religion, as well as guaranteeing the right to conscientious objection and also ensuring a full participation in public life by modifying legislation that provokes intolerance against Christians.