Labour Secretary of State Deplores Political Correctness Targeting Christians

British Labour MP and Secretary of State for Labour Communities and Local Government Hazel Blears speaks up against the "creeping tendency" of political correctness which has led to Christians being targeted for practising their beliefs: "the pendulum has swung too far."

"This country is proud of our tradition of fair play and good manners, welcoming of diversity, tolerant of others. This is a great strength. But the pendulum has swung too far. It seems that every week we hear a new story – the nurse suspended because she offered to pray for a patient, the school banning Christmas decorations, the town hall reluctant to fly the Union flag – about people getting into a panic because someone, somewhere, might get offended. Worse, at times leaders have been reluctant to challenge absolutely unacceptable behaviour – forced marriage, female genital mutilation, or homophobia – because they are concerned about upsetting people's cultural sensitivities. This flies in the face of another of our traditions – open debate, rational inquiry, and plain old common sense. We would do well to be a little less anxious and a little more robust. There is a line when respect for other cultures is crossed and a universal morality should kick in." Read full story at: