"Faith Is Not An Optional Extra", says UK Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

“Asking Christians to leave their belief in God at the door of their workplace is akin to asking them to remove their skin colour before coming into the office. Faith in God is not an addon or optional extra. For me, my trust in God is part of my DNA; it is central to who I am and defines my place in the world… there is a deep irony at work here, and not simply because the first free schools and hospitals operating in this nation were run by churches in our land. ..."

"... Those who display intolerance and ignorance, and would relegate the Christian faith to just another lifestyle choice, argue that they operate in pursuit of the policies based on the twin aims of ‘diversity and equality’. Yet in the minds of those charged with implementing
such policies, ‘diversity’ apparently means every colour and creed except Christianity and ‘equality’ seemingly means excludes anyone black or white with a Christian belief in God.” Archbishop of York – Dr John Sentamu speaking to the Daily Mail, 13th February 2009 Source and further reading: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1144163/JOHN-SENTAMU-The-intolerance-Christians-public-sector-affront.html