UK, December 2nd, 07: Writer Cristina Odone comments on intolerance against Christians in the UK

"Picking on Christians, still a majority in Britain, is objectionable, but a lot less lethal than picking on transsexuals, say, who number only a few thousand. The kind of attitude shown by the RCI could, if directed at a smaller group, drive it underground - if not to extinction. Intolerance can push even the meek and mild into aggressive mode. Encountering a closed mindset is so exasperating that after banging your head against the wall for a while, you start contemplating all kinds of other ways to get your message across. This is not a justification of violence, but a reminder that even the most loyal citizen will drop out of a society where their religion is consistently mocked or harassed. ..." Full text:,,2220462,00.html