Judeo-Christian morality as a target of homosexual agenda

Don Feder, JD, Media Consultant, stated during a hate crime symposium already in 1999: “...Hate crimes are an attempt at thought control... According to this mind-set, widely embraced by the left, dissent from the homosexual agenda generates antigay violence. Thus, refusal to accept the movement's dogma is itself a species of hate crime... Soon, instead of punishing expression that accompanies a crime, we'll be penalizing pure speech. Evangelicals, traditional Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons -- any group that clings to Judeo-Christian morality and isn't willing to knuckle under -- will be a target." Today, we see how right he was. We have collected several cases of penalized expression: insult (Germany, Lerle); malicious mail (GB, Atkinson); incitement and disrespect towards homosexuals (Sweden, Green), public insult aggravated when critical of one’s sexual orientation (France, Vanneste).