Children Branded as ‘Nazis’ for Opposing Same-sex Marriage

School children as young as 12 who disagree with same-sex marriage have been branded as “Nazis” and “bigots”, a senior Roman Catholic official has said. John Deighan said there is an increasing level of ill will against “very young people” because of their views about such issues.

Speaking in a hearing in the European Parliament on how churchgoers are being treated in Europe, Mr Deighan warned: “People are increasingly being subjected to manipulation by what I would call the equality lobby.” Mr Deighan, the Roman Catholic Church’s parliamentary officer in Scotland, warned: “There is a level of hostility which is building up even against very young people. “I know, for example, of children in Scotland, including my own 12–year–old child, who have been branded as ‘Nazis’ and ‘bigots’ because they have dared to disagree with the idea of same–sex marriage.”  We thank the Christian Institute for reporting: