Human Rights Agenda Risks Totalitarianism, Bishop Warns

The “Human Rights agenda” is in danger of becoming a new form of totalitarianism, according to a bishop in comments ahead of four religious liberty court cases.

The former Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Revd Michael Nazir-Ali, said the Christian faith and Judaeo-Christian values are the “cornerstone of our freedoms, prosperity and liberty in Europe”.

He warned of a “deep fear” that such values are under threat from the “Human Rights agenda”.

Bishop Nazir-Ali’s comments come ahead of a quartet of cases which had been heard by the European Court of Human Rights September 4th. He said: “The abuse of human rights by secular Governments in Central and Eastern Europe is all too recent. The new Human Rights agenda must respect Judaeo-Christian values if it is not to become another inhuman ideology imposing restrictions on individuals. There is a deep fear in the United Kingdom that the Human Rights agenda is becoming set against human rights; and seeking to remove Judaeo-Christian values from the public square.”

The comments came in a submission to the European Court of Human Rights seen by a national newspaper.

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