Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey Speaks of Double Standards to the Detriment of Christians

In a submission to the European Court of Human Rights, hearing four freedom of religion cases in the fall of 2012, Lord Carey said: "The secular human rights agenda has gone too far and the Convention is losing legitimacy in many Contracting states. Many noble words such as ‘human rights’ are seen as little more than a political agenda."

He goes on to say:
"The human rights agenda is now seen as an anti-moral agenda; the Court must restore its prestige by recognition of traditional religious values. "Christians have values of morality, honesty and generosity that the State should promote, not discourage.

Lord Carey also argued that Christians were being increasingly “vilified” and “driven underground” by the tendency of UK courts to apply "equality law to discriminate against Christians.” We thank the Huffington Post for reporting. Read more on: