Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow Criticizes the Christianophobia in the UK

Vladimir Legoïda, president of the Department of Relation with Civil Society, said: "Why is the public demonstration of one’s belonging to the gay community considered as normal when the wearing of a small cross isn’t?... Just try to fire someone who openly claims his sexual orientation; he will cry to scandal and will probably obtain to be resettled. How are the Christians symbols dangerous? Who do they offend?"

He continues: "... Europe is rejecting its Christian roots and identity. And if one speaks of freedom of conscience, why are we confronted with such restrictions? If in a civilized society the public and pacific demonstration of one’s religious affiliation is impossible, what kind of society is this?” Sources:  Russian-Orthodox Church http://www.christianophobie.fr/breves/le-patriarcat-de-moscou-denonce-la-christianophobie-des-autorites-britanniques