Clear Legal Bias Against Christians in the UK

“Which specific aspects of law, or its interpretation, do you consider unfair?... Those that prevent Christians acting according to their conscience. Examples include but are not limited to, the accommodation industry, adoption, counselling and caring. In all these cases, the law is clearly biased against Christians..."

"...This is a scandal in the UK, a country that has long benefitted from its Christian heritage. There is nowhere else that the UK as a nation, can get its values from and it is national suicide to remove Christianity from the public square or otherwise to marginalise it. The loss of Christian values can be seen daily in all walks of public and private life, to the denigration and shame of our nation, never mind the huge financial impact.”

John Cavill Blackmore of the Baptist Church

Quoted in "Clearing the Ground", Report on the Freedom of Christians in the UK; February 28th, 2012
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