Interreligious Conference in Moscow Acknowledges Intolerance against Christians in the West

Observatory's Dr. Martin Kugler participated in the International Conference on the Freedom of Religion and Discrimination against Christians from Nov 30 to December 2 in Moscow. The interreligious forum brought together representatives of Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic communities and internationally renowned experts.

While the main concern was the persecution of Christians in Middle East, North and South Africa and South East Asia, intolerance and discrimination against Christians in the Western world was also acknowledged: "The main reasons for this anti-Christian campaign lie in the loss of Christian roots and European secularism when secular authorities aim to oust religion from public life. Governments tend to regard religion as superfluous, a trend which is fraught with danger, Archbishop Josef Ender of the Vatican, says," reports "The Voice of Russia" Source: (very useful is the audio file halfway down in the text)