French Member of Parliament, Jacques Remiller: "There is Christianophobia in the East – but also in the West!"

After citing several attacks against Christians in Arab and African states, in a speech at the National Assembly, Mr. Remiller goes on to say: „Our country isn't spared! A crucifix and three statues of the Virgin Mary profaned in the department of the Landes within ten days. Let alone arts, which, having been "sacred" for several centuries in our country, is henceforth too often disrespectful of Christianity."

"No other religion would accept such a treatment, the need of these "artists" to rage in such a way against christianity by means of derision, cynism and irony can be contested. Some show their very legitimate indignation in manifesting publicly in front of theaters or exposition halls. Doubtlessly  some exaggerate because they are hurt and infuriated, but they awaken our fellow citizens from a certain apathy who, although in agreement, with them do not dare to react, as they are terrorized by the media and public opinion which would call them 'Christian Fundamentalists'." Full text of Mr. Remiller’s speech in French:’assemblee-nationale-contre-la-christianophobie?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Christianophobie+%28Observatoire+de+la+christianophobie%29