Widdecombe: 'Hedgehogs are better represented in Parliament than Christians'

Miss Widdecombe, former UK Conservative minister: “David Cameron’s government have threatened to cut the overseas aid budget for countries which persecute homosexuals. Fair enough. But what about Christians? When do we qualify for such protection or don’t we?” Ann Widdecombe also said: “You stand a better chance of earnest representation if you are a hedgehog – and I speak as a patron of the Hedgehog Protection Society. In the last 10 years, how many debates have there been on persecution of Christians, how many Government statements on the subject?”

The speech was delivered at an annual conference of the Charity Aid to the Church in Need. http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2011/10/20/widdecombe-tells-cameron-christians-deserve-same-protection-as-gay-people/