UK Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark Accuses Courts of Being Biased against Christians

According to the Catholic Herold, the Archbishop said the British courts are wrongfully penalising Christians through an “incorrect interpretation” of human rights laws, judges were guilty of “woolly thinking” and a bias against Christians who either wore religious jewellery or who had taken a moral stand against acts they held in conscience to be sinful. He also insisted that Christians must be allowed “by any reckoning” to act according to their consciences and “not be obliged to do something they know or believe in their consciences to be wrong”.

As the Catholic Herold reports, the archbishop goes on to say:
“There seems to be a prejudice against Christians or against the manifestation of the Christian faith which totally puzzles me,” he added. “I think it is woolly thinking, to be honest.”
He said that whenever there was a conflict of rights between Christians and homosexuals, for instance, the courts were consistently “coming down heavily on one side and totally ignoring the other”.
“The law properly applied wouldn’t disadvantage anybody but would ensure that we all could exercise our rights fairly,” Archbishop Smith said. Read more at: