David Cameron Says That Faith Plays an Important Role in Politics

David Cameron believes Britain is a Christian country and says he cannot understand why there is any debate over Christian political involvement. Addressing church leaders at a Downing Street reception, the Prime Minister said that because “so many political questions are moral questions”, Christianity is already involved in politics.

Mr Cameron’s comments followed his Easter message where he noted Jesus’ teaching to “love God and love our neighbour”.

At the reception Mr Cameron backed comments by Muslim Cabinet member Baroness Warsi, who said the coalition Government will ‘do God’.
The Prime Minister said: “Britain is a Christian country. Christianity has given a huge amount to our country, and continues to do so”.

David Cameron also said: “I’ve never really understood this argument about ‘Should the Church get involved in politics? Yes or no?’

“To me, Christianity, faith, religion, the Church, is involved in politics because so many political questions are moral questions”.

And he commented:
 “So I don’t think we should be frightened about having these debates, and these discussions, and frankly sometimes these arguments about politics in our country and what it means to be a Christian and what faith brings to our politics.”
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