French Journalist Defends Christians in the 'Piss Christ' Scandal

After a group of Catholics named “fundamentalists” by the media has smashed the controversial image of the Christ in urine called ‘Piss Christ’ shown at the Avignon Modern Art Exhibit, the French journalist Eric Zemmour takes stand to defend the reaction of Catholics on French radio RTL.

In his morning intervention on RTL, the journalist starts by shedding light on the bias treatment of scandals in the media when it concerns Catholics and underlines how different the reaction would be if such an art piece affected the Koran, the Torah, or Mohammed or Moises.

He then points out that if it is a usual strength of Christians to be able to take in critics and to live and fully accept the democratic society, one must be aware of how anticlerical and anti-Christian the French society has become. He says: “Anticlericalism... has become the dominant ideology... one doesn’t keep count anymore of campaigning against the Pope. Today, Christianity is the most outraged religion; in France, Christian graves and churches are by far the most vandalized, Christians are persecuted worldwide and assassinated for their belief in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere.”

Listen to Eric Zemmour.

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