Pope Benedict XVI: Annoyance With Religion Doesn't Justify Abuse

There are sectors of society that might consider religion insignificant or even annoying, but that does not justify violating the fundamental right of religious liberty, Benedict XVI is affirming.

Zenit reports: The Pope made this observation Saturday when he received the letters of credence from Spain's new ambassador to the Holy See. Unfortunately, the Pope noted, societies are often hostile to the faith, instead of fostering openness to the transcendent.  "The fact that in some realms there is a tendency to consider religion as a socially insignificant factor, even annoying, does not justify trying to marginalize it, at times through denigration, ridicule, discrimination and even indifference in face of incidents of clear profanation, which violate the fundamental right of religious liberty inherent to the dignity of the human person," he said. But the Church watches over people's rights, Benedict XVI affirmed, since it is concerned about every human being, in all of the facets and situations of his life.   Full text: www.zenit.org/article-32358?l=english