The Right to "Think Christian" Under Threat

In an ironical essay, the French web journal 'Causeur' puts into light how the European Court, under the pretext of defending rights, really legalizes intolerance towards Christians and their religious opinions.

The article analyzes the Eunice and Owen Johns case, a Christian couple who was refused the right to foster children by the European Court because they did not talk to children about homosexuality as though it was a “good thing”. The article sheds light on the problem in a sarcastic way saying: “Since February 28th, 2011 and the High European Court of Justice’s condemnation of Eunice and Owen Johns, the offense of Christian opinion is officially and legally recognized in one of the 27 countries of the European Union.” “Living in Derby, in the North-Ouest of England, Mr. and Mrs. Johns were condemned because they had a Christian point of view... One doesn’t see what is really happening: it isn’t secularism which is under threat in Europe, but the right to Christianity... The Johns are Christians and that was enough for the High Court of Justice to judge them incapable of welcoming and raising orphans.” “The spirit of tolerance required by the Law is turning into a manifest and legalized intolerance. One sees emerging an offense of Christian opinion, in whose name one can’t have a point of view on homosexuality deviating even slightly from the general enthusiastic approval.” Sources:,9371