Vatican Representative at UN Speaks of "Disturbing Trend" to Attack Gay Opponents

The Vatican representative Archbishop Silvano Tomas told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday that many who oppose homosexuality are being unjustly attacked for their views.

“A state should never punish a person or deprive a person of the enjoyment of any human right based just on the person’s feelings and thoughts, including sexual thoughts and feelings,” said Archbishop Silvano Tomasi. However, he emphasized that “some unnecessary confusion” exists with reference to the protection of sexual orientation.  Orientation, he said, “refers to feelings and thoughts, not behavior.” ...

A “disturbing trend” has become prominent of intolerance towards those who have moral opposition to homosexual behavior, continued Tomasi. “People are being attacked for taking positions that do not support sexual behavior between people of the same sex,” said Tomasi.  “When they express their moral beliefs or beliefs about human nature … they are stigmatised, and worse – they are vilified, and prosecuted.”

“These attacks are violations of fundamental human rights and cannot be justified under any circumstances,” the Vatican representative said. We thank LifeSiteNews for reporting. Read the full story at: