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Tabernacle in Loire Church Vandalized

April 13, 2018, France

The tabernacle in the church of Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire, 15 kilometers from Roanne, was vandalized on April 13th. The intruders perhaps expected they would find ciboriums and chalices by breaking the marble door of the tabernacle, but long ago liturgical objects of high value were moved to a more secure place. A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie of Villerest.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Fire Set Behind Altar; Excrement Left in Confessional

April 12, 2018, Italy

An intentionally-set fire burned a curtain and part of a chair behind the altar of the church of San Giuseppe in the town of Torre del Lago Puccini on April 12th. Feces was later discovered in the confessional.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Theft in Torás Church

April 11, 2018, Spain

A band of thieves entered the church of Santa Quiteria during the night of April 11th, opened the tabernacle and stole a golden chalice containing consecrated Hosts, the most precious item for its religious value. They also destroyed donation boxes and took all the money. 

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

List of Churches Removed from Granada's Website

April 10, 2018, Spain

On April 10th, the municipal government removed the list of churches and parishes that appeared on the City of Granada's on-line resource guide after an IU (United Left) councilman demanded their removal five days earlier. The twenty churches, all Catholic, appeared in a section with the title "Places of Worship." The deputy mayor responsible for communication announced that since the churches do not offer any municipal, public or administrative services, the entire "Places of Worship" section was deleted.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas)

Unknown Perpetrators Vandalized Church in Straubing

April 10, 2018, Germany

The church of St. Stephan, in the Alburg district of Straubing, suffered various acts of vandalism on April 10th. They threw a figure of a saint from the altar, ripped out a microphone, threw a candle to the ground, spilled holy water, and destroyed an umbrella. They also smoked in the confessional, filling the interior with ashes and extinguishing the butts against the wooden door. The damage to the property was estimated at 3,000 euros.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

15th Century Tomb of Fra Angelico Attacked in the Center of Rome

April 8, 2018, Italy

The marble tomb of the Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico was vandalized in the church of S. Maria sopra Minerva in the center of Rome, one of the most famous churches of the Italian capital. Vandals chipped off several parts of the marble tomb, carved by the fifteenth-century sculptor Isaia da Pisa.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Woman Stabbed Outside Coventry Church after Service

April 8, 2018, United Kingdom

A woman in her 30s was stabbed after attending the Eritrean community's Orthodox Easter midnight service at St. Margaret's Church in Coventry early on the morning of April 8th. The mother of three was found with a puncture wound in the abdomen at approximately 3:15 in the morning and taken to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition. The attacker, who reportedly fled on a bicycle, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder the following day.

Hate Crime

Poulseur: Statue of Christ Shattered

April 7, 2018, Belgium

On the morning of April 7th, the sacristan of the church in Poulseur discovered it had been vandalized. A statue of a crucified Jesus Christ had been taken down from a hook and shattered into pieces. The extensive damage to the statue suggested that the perpetrators climbed onto the choir screen and threw it down to the ground from above. Other vessels with flowers were also knocked down and broken. The damage was reported to the police.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Catholic College Vandalized in Vendée

April 6, 2018, France

A day before about fifty students from Notre-Dame de l'Esperance College were to leave for a trip to England, they found their trip cancelled. All of the students' identity papers, which had been stored in a locker at school, were discovered cut in half and thrown into a garbage bin.The director of Notre-Dame de l'Esperance College sent a letter to the parents explaining that the trip was canceled and turned to the British Embassy for assistance. Police began an investigation.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Vandalism and Theft at Warmifontaine Church

April 6, 2018, Belgium

Unidentified perpetrators looted the church of Saint-Martin in Warmifontaine, breaking open the tabernacle with a crowbar, and stealing ciboriums containing consecrated Hosts, chalices, and hand-carved statues.

Desecration Theft Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Fires Set at Three German Churches in Ostholstein District

April 4, 2018, Germany

From April 1st to April 4th, fires were set in front of the wooden entrance doors of three churches in Heiligenhafen by unknown perpetrators.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Church in Vicht Ransacked; Fire Extinguisher Emptied

April 4, 2018, Germany

Vandals devastated the interior of the parish church of St. John the Baptist in the village of Vicht (Stolberg District) on April 4th.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Man Arrested for Graffiti on Churches, Gravestones, and Peace Pagoda

April 2, 2018, United Kingdom

After graffiti appeared across Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire from February 21st and April 2nd, police arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with the incidents. Graffiti painted in red included messages such as "Allah reigns" on a church, "kill all white scum" on the famous Willen Peace Pagoda, and "evil white failures" and "rape and replace" on a memorial in a graveyard.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Lighting Stolen from the Cross of the Holy Spirit

April 1, 2018, France

On April 1st, Easter Sunday, inhabitants of La Treille discovered that the solar panels, battery, and 70 LED lights which illuminated the La Croix Saint Esprit had been stolen. Unknown thieves had to climb 400 meters of rocky terrain to reach the cross. Losses amounted to 1,400 euros. The cross was installed less than a year before and was described as a reassuring "night light" for the 800 inhabitants of the valley. A complaint was filed.

Hate Crime Theft

Brittany: Tomb of Abbot Perrot Tagged

March 31, 2018, France

The tomb of Abbot Jean-Marie Perrot, founder of the Breton Catholic movement Bleun-Brug who was murdered by communists in 1943, was toppled and then sprayed with "anti-fascist" graffiti. The incidents coincided with the annual Easter Monday commemoration of the Abbot's death.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Eggs Thrown at Priest's House after Homily

March 31, 2018, Spain

Eggs were thrown at the door of a priest's home on Holy Saturday, March 31st, a day after he was criticized by LGBTI groups for a homily in which he questioned whether 'gender ideology' was a biased view of the nature of men and women, and whether it had a scientific basis.

Exclusion (of individuals or ideas) Hate Incident Negative Stereotyping

No Prison for Men Who Entered Convent Demanding Nuns Convert to Islam

March 28, 2018, France

The two men who entered a Carmelite convent in November 2017 and demanded the nuns to convert to Islam or they would go to hell were released by a Verdun court on March 28th. The court, citing "diminished mental responsibility at the time of the incident" because the intruders had been suffering from "psychiatric disorders," freed the men after a trial.

Insult or Incitement

Great Yarmouth Church Desecrated Days Before Easter

March 27, 2018, United Kingdom

A man walked into St Mary’s Catholic Church, set a couple of small fires and attempted to burn the icon taken off the church’s altar. The perpetrator left a Satanic image in the icon's place. The act was recorded by CCTV cameras and police arrested a suspect days later.

Desecration Hate Crime Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Small Fire in Church in Bavaria

March 27, 2018, Germany

An unknown person lit a glove filled with matches on a bench in the small church of St. Moritz in the tiny municipality of Mantel. Due to the glove's plastic material, the fire spread to a bench cushion and caused damage to the bench.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)

Notre-Dame-du-Bourg in Digne-les-Bains Tagged

March 26, 2018, France

A man was arrested on March 28th for painting satanic vandalism ("666") on the cathedral, as well as tags on other buildings in the town between March 26th and 27th.

Vandalism (form of hate crime)