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1 in 4 Irish worried about losing right to free speech

June 20, 2024, Ireland

New polling by Whitestone Insight commissioned by ADF International reveals that a quarter of Irish people feel they can’t speak freely in social settings, like in a pub, or in their place of work or study. The same number of people are concerned about losing their right to free speech. Furthermore, 90% of Irish people said they think freedom of speech is "very important".

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May 31, 2024,

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Ukrainian Supreme Court rules on objections to military service on religious grounds

May 8, 2024, Ukraine

On May 8, the Ukrainian Supreme Court confirmed the appeal court’s ruling about Dmitry Zelinsky’s conscientious objections to military service on religious grounds. The Supreme Court of Ukraine ruled that conscientious objectors will not only have to prove that they belong to a religious organisation, but also that they have deep spiritual convictions.

U.S. Religious Freedom Report 2024 - Europe

May 6, 2024,

On May 1, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom released its Annual Report 2024, which highlights a number of worrisome developments around the world. According to the U.S. monitoring, conditions worsened in 10 countries, remained the same in 18, and improved in only one. While mainly focusing on the global situation and those countries that are of particular concern regarding persecution on religious grounds, the report also mentions concerning cases and developments in Europe.