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A Dozen Graves Vandalised in Royan

October 6, 2012, France

In the cemetery of Tilleuls Royan a dozen graves were targeted by vandals, probably on the night from October 5th to 6th. Memorial plates and flower pots were broken. Police are investigating.

German Parents Lose Custody of Their Children for Homeschooling

October 5, 2012, Germany

A district court in Darmstadt, Germany has revoked custody of four children from their parents and ordered it turned over to the Jugendamt, Germany’s child protective agency.

Christian Graves Vandalised in a Cemetery of Landes

October 5, 2012, France

A dozen Christian graves were vandalized in the village of Moustey (Landes). The incident occurred in the night of Thursday, October 4 to Friday, October 5. A dozen headstones were damaged and knocked over. Plates and funerary equipment was damaged, motocross tires left deep scars and damages on the ground along walkways and on the central cross.

Desecration of Two Churches in Soissons

October 4, 2012, France

On October 4, two churches were broken into, robbed, and desecrated in Soissons. In the church of Sainte-Eugénie, the presbytery and the door were broken open, the tabernacle was opened, papers and money was stolen.

70 Christian Graves Desecrated near Albi

October 4, 2012, France

Seventy graves were damaged at a small cemetery adjacent to a Catholic church. An investigation was opened after the discovery in Albi on October 4th. Seventy crosses were overturned and laid on the ground, 16 of them were broken, and funerary objects were vandalized in the cemetery in the area Fonlabour. The desecration was not signed nor claimed, said the departmental director of public safety (DDSP), the Commissioner Pierre-Marc Panazio, an AFP correspondent.

Church in Lithuania Set on Fire a Second Time

October 4, 2012, Lithuania

A church was set on fire and burned to the ground on October 4 2012. This was the same church where an attempt at burning the church was made in September 2012.

Vandalism in Lithuanian Church

October 4, 2012, Lithuania

On October 4th 2012 vandals broke the windows of a church in Raudondvaris and damaged a statue inside the church.

Pro-Life Activists Continuously Attacked

October 3, 2012, Germany

Pro-Life activists continuously suffer attacks from radical groups, including physical attacks and property damages; as well as negative stereotyping by the media; and an infringement on freedom of assembly and expression by a ban mile.

A Newly Restored Chapel Vandalised in Nice

October 3, 2012, France

The chapel of Saint-Jacques de Nice, which had been vandalised in June, was again targeted. After breaking into the door, the perpetrators attacked the statues that decorated the interior of the church building. Several of them were "beheaded". The deputy mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, immediately denounced the act of vandalism in a statement through an act of "unfair, incredible and malicious act committed in the heart of a place of worship."

Traditional Bible Reading Marathon Not Permitted in Paris

October 1, 2012, France

Evangelical Protestants who have organized an annual "Marathon of the Bible" with over 500 participants reading and sharing in Paris since 2003, did not obtain the permission to hold a session in 2012.

Religious Radio Programme Arbitrarily Cancelled

October 1, 2012, Croatia

For twenty years Croatia’s national radio station (HRT) had, through an agreement with the Bishop’s Conference, broadcast a five minute programme, “Praised be Jesus Christ” edited by the local archdiocese. This agreement was ended by the HRT: it cancelled the programme without warning or explanation.

Vatican and Several Cathedrals Virtually „Occupied“ in App

September 29, 2012, International

In the augmented reality app „Junaio“, several of the world’s large cathedrals are decorated with a banner displaying the text “Abortion Pills, A Gift From God” and instructions how to do an abortion yourself with a medicine called misoprostol.

Christian Pro-Life Group Legally Threatened by Abortion Giant

September 28, 2012, United Kingdom

Maria Stopes International (MSI), one of the biggest abortion providers worldwide located in the UK, threatened to take legal action against a pregnancy pro-life center (Good Counsel) for distributing and providing some information about the negative effects of abortion on mental health.

Christians Threatened in Muslim-Christian Area in Bulgaria

September 27, 2012, Bulgaria

“Christians are threatened” said a resident of the Roma neighborhood in Iztok, a suburb in Pazardjik (Bulgaria) in the television program "Fatherland Front" (Otechestven front) with Martin Karbovski.

St. Oswald in Traunstein Vandalized Again

September 26, 2012, Germany

The St. Oswald Church in Traunstein, Germany was presumably spray painted by the Antifascist group “ANTIFA”. In this church, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI celebrated his first mass as a priest. The motivation for this attack is unknown. Several objects were spraypainted including a bust of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. The bust had been vandalised two times already before.

National Pro-Life-Manifestation Attacked by Radical Left Wing Groups

September 23, 2012, Germany

Every year in September, a national pro-life-manifestation - the March for Life takes place in Berlin. Radical groups disturb the peaceful marchers each year - with methods ranging from insults and hurtful chanting, to blocking of roads or venues, to property damage or physical violence.

A Catholic Bookstore Vandalised in Bordeaux

September 23, 2012, France

The Catholic bookstore located in front of the church of St. Eloi was vandalized on September 22-23. The store has been vandalised for the 26th time. The window was partly destroyed. For several years, the store has been the target of many attackes. This however, does not seem to impress the public authorities, the town hall or the mainstream media nor prompt them to take action.

Attempted Fire in Church in Lithuania

September 23, 2012, Lithuania

On September 23rd, 2012 someone made an unsuccessful attempt to set a church in Kulautuva on fire.

A Church Stained With Muslim Signs in the Rhône

September 21, 2012, France

On the night of Friday 21 to Saturday 22 September the church of the city of Chassieu was sprayed with orange colour with the signs - "Islam is gaining momentum”, the name of terrorist and the new idol of suburbs "M.MERAH."

Pharmacists' Freedom of Conscience Uncertain

September 19, 2012, Germany

While the law does not protect the freedom of conscience for German pharmacists, a letter from the ministry, dated 1986 upholds it. Legally, the letter is not binding. The uncertainty of whether this letter would be followed by today’s courts constitutes a difficulty in the ethical considerations and the freedom of acting according to one’s conscience of pharmacists in Germany.

„Homeschooling“ Still Prohibited

September 19, 2012, Germany

Parents rights are commonly understood to include the right to chose the form of education of one’s children, including the possibility of non-institutional education, such as the so-called homeschooling. Not so in Germany.

Compulsory Sex Ed Problematic for Christian Families

September 19, 2012, Germany

Germany’s strict federal laws on compulsory school attendance do not allow any opt out with regard to sexual education.

Disrespectful Fashion Show Promotion

September 19, 2012, Lithuania

The Lithuanian fashion label Robert Kalinkin promotes the fashion show of his new spring/summer collection 2013 on October 10th entitled “Jesus Mary” with disrespectful posters in Vilnius obviously transgressing the boundaries of good taste.

Christian Bed & Breakfast Owners Report Torrent of Hateful Messages

September 19, 2012, United Kingdom

The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast in Britain, Mike and Susanne Wilkinson, have received countless hate-filled messages in the wake of refusing to give a homosexual couple a double room.

Prime Minister Thinks Teachers Should Not Be Allowed to Teach that Homosexual Behavior Was a Sin

September 16, 2012, United Kingdom

Prime minister David Cameron thinks that faith schools should not be allowed to teach that homosexuality is a sin, according to a quote featured by the Daily Mail.

Catholic Bishop Insulted in Newspaper

September 15, 2012, Croatia

The Bishop of Sisak, Mons. Vlado Kosic, was verbally attacked in the Croatian Newspaper “Jutarnij List” on the 15th of September 2012. The Apostolic Nunciature of Croatia reported that he was called a “Nazi Bishop” in an article written by Jurica Pavcic.

Graves Desecrated in Val d’Oise

September 14, 2012, France

In September 2012 the Apostolic Nunciature in France reported that 21 graves were desecrated by unknown perpetrator(s) in Goussainville, Val d’Oise, France.

Teachers and Others Threatened With Dismissal if They Didn’t Endorse Gay Marriage

September 12, 2012, United Kingdom

If gay marriage is legalized, teachers and others could be forced out of their jobs if they fail to endorse such unions, a top lawyer says. Parents would have no right to insist that their children are withdrawn from school lessons across the curriculum that approve of same-sex marriage. Chaplains who work in the NHS or the Armed Forces could be dismissed if they preach that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Christian Councillor was Expelled from Green Party because of her Views on Gay Marriage

September 10, 2012, United Kingdom

A councillor for the Green Party, Christina Summers, a Christian, who disagrees with her party’s support for redefining marriage should be “expelled”, an internal disciplinary panel has said. She has responded by saying the decision is a “typical symptom of prejudice, blatant prejudice”.

Bomb Threat Against the Cathedral of Zagreb

September 10, 2012, Croatia

The Chief Editor of a Catholic Magazine, Mons. Miklenic, received a threat by email on the 10th of September 2012. The email stated that a bomb would be placed in the Cathedral of Zagreb, and “everyone will jump in the air”. This was reported by the Apostolic Nunciature in Croatia.

Church in Landshut Borken Into

September 9, 2012, Germany

On the 09.09.2012 in Mirskofen (Landshut) someone desecrated the sacred space of the church and the sacristy was broken into.

Local Church Defiled in Breisach

September 7, 2012, Germany

In Ihringen (Breisach) the holy sacred space of the local church was defiled by feces and other clear signs of vandalism and aggression against Christianity.

Money Stolen from a Church Donations Box

September 7, 2012, Germany

Thieves entered through a window into the Church on the market of Bad Langensalza. They pried open a donation box and stole a large amount of money.

CoE PACE Proposal Might Endanger Parents' Rights to Religious Education

September 6, 2012, European Institutions (EU, ECHR,

French member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe proposed a report on the protection of children against 'sectarian drifts' which possibly collides with the parents' right to religious education of their choice.

Greenpeace Activists Harass Crossroads Walkers

September 6, 2012, Spain

Participants in Spain’s first annual Crossroads walk, a Christian-inspired cross-country march for the right to life, were confronted with a group of angry Greenpeace activists, who were peeved by the walkers’ pro-life position, and suffered insults, severe threats of violence and graffiti on their RV.

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s Advisor Calls Same-Sex Marriage Opponents “Bigots”

September 4, 2012, United Kingdom

A former senior advisor to Nick Clegg says supporters of traditional marriage are “bigots” and Mr Clegg should have said so too in a speech but changed it after public furor.

Evangelical Church Desecrated in Odenwald

September 4, 2012, Germany

In Hirschhorn (Odenwald) on the 4th Sept. 2012 the Evangelical church was desecrated.

Vandalism and Theft in Werdener Dom in Essen

September 3, 2012, Germany

Perpetrators broke into the cathedral of Werden in Essen and stole the donation boxes creating several thousand euros worth of damage.

Movie of Austrian Producer “Paradise: Faith” with Blasphemous Content

September 2, 2012, Italy

The movie “Paradise: Faith”, shown at the film festival in Venice, scandalized the audience because of a masturbation scene using a cross.

Teacher Flunks High School Student for Saying that Homosexuality is an “Abnormal Orientation"

September 1, 2012, Sweden

During a biology class a Swedish high school student spoke up and called homosexuality an “abnormal sexual orientation”. As a result of this comment the teacher flunked the student. The reasoning of the teacher is that it is the task of the educational system to teach pupils respect for all sexual orientations. The opposing view of the student doesn’t correspond to the curriculum’s goal.

Churches in Occupied Cyprus Plundered

September 1, 2012, Cyprus

Numerous churches in the Turkish occupied area of Cyprus were profaned and turned into storage rooms, museums and mosques.

Local Council in Broue Orders Removal of Cross at Cemetery

August 30, 2012, France

The City of Broue ordered the removal of a cross at the entrance to the city cemetery at the instigation of a counsellor, saying that "the cemetery is a public building; there should be no religious symbols." This was done "in the name of tolerance."

Ad For Mountain Tourism Conceals Summit Cross

August 30, 2012, Germany

Due to increased tourism from Middle Eastern countries, the management of the Zugspitze Railway in Bavaria produced an advertisement leaflet of the mountain “Zugspitze” without an image of the summit cross. Churches protested.

Boys Life Support Unit Switched Off Against The Wish of Christian Parents

August 29, 2012, United Kingdom

The Judge of London’s Royal Court of Justice ruled on August 10th that the life support system of an 8-year- old boy may be switched off by team of doctors, ignoring parents’ wish to keep him alive.

Desecrations of Cross and Chapel in the Bretagne

August 26, 2012, France

In the night of August 22nd to 23rd, a desecration took place in the garden of the Abbey of Saint-Jacut-sur-Mer (Bretagne): a cross has been stolen. On the night of August 25th to 26th, the chapel of Locmaria Carnac was desecrated and the number 6 had been tagged on the walls.

Burglaries in Churches and Parish Buildings

August 24, 2012, Germany

The parish building in Klotten and Pommern and the sacristy of the church in Bremm were broken into by burglars looking for money.

Vandalism in Naklo

August 22, 2012, Slovenia

On 22nd August 2012 unknown perpetrators desecrated a chapel of Saint Anthony in Naklo, Slovenia. They wrote the word "Satan" on the floor and words like "You worship the wrong God" on one of the frescos with a black grafitti. On another fresco they drew a cross turned upside down.

Jewels of Image of Mary Stolen at Sanctuary in Rijeka

August 21, 2012, Croatia

On August 21, 2012, the Holy See National Contact Point of the Apostolic Nunciature in Croatia reported that in the sanctuary of the Madonna of Trsat, Rijeka, golden jewels of the image of Mary, the mother of Jesus were stolen.

Burglars in Church Sacristy in Treis

August 20, 2012, Germany

An unidentified perpetrator broke into the sacristy of a Church in Treis and attempted to steal money. The police did not release the amount of the damage.

Vandalism at the Cemetery in Spišské Vlachy

August 16, 2012, Slovakia

On August 16 six graves had their graves stones displaces, vases and candleholders broken by unknown intruders. This was discovered by a town employee who notified the police.