Court Finds Discrimination against Jehovah's Witness

Country: Sweden

Date of incident: March 22, 2017

The Swedish Court of Appeals concluded that a Jehovah's Witness was discriminated against on the basis of his religious convictions by the public Job Center (arbetsförmedlingen).

In 2014, an unemployed Jehovah's Witness was given the opportunity, through the public Job Center, to apply for a position selling lottery tickets. The man explained that due to his religious beliefs, he would not be able to do the job in question. The Job Center then claimed that due to misconduct, the man had not been called in for an interview and thus withdrew the man's unemployment compensation for 45 days. 
Both the Court and the Court of Appeals ruled that the Jehovah's Witness was subjected to indirect discrimination and that his personal reasons for rejecting the position ought to have been acceptable to the job center. Source: Via TT