Politican Plans to Sue Physicians for Offering Therapy for People Struggling With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Country: Germany

Date of incident: August 29, 2011

Volker Beck, member of the German Bundestag (parliament) and speaker on human rights issues of the Green party, has launched an initiative to engage the German Medical Association against the German Union of Catholic Physicians (BKÄ). On their website, the BKÄ provides informations about therapeutic options in case of unwanted same-sex attraction.

According to Beck’s statement on his homepage (http://www.volkerbeck.de/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2318&Itemid=194) Beck refers thereto as/ calls that „charlatanism“: „One ought to warned of charlatans, who suggest that homosexuality was an disease, which can be cured by psychoanalysis or homeopathy. Already 20 years ago, the WHO has stated that homosexuality is not a disease and therefore is not curable. Nevertheless the UCP on their website (www.bkae.org) lists several therapeutical approaches (...) against ‘homosexual attraction’.“ As a result of this initiative, the German Medical Association plans to remind die UCP of their professional code of conduct; "further legal steps could be taken as a result of passing the information on to the national German Medical Association,“ says Beck. Therefore he embraces the response of the German Medical Association which declares: "Die auf der Webseite des Bundes katholischer Ärzte aufgestellte Behauptung Homosexualität sei eine Krankheit und könne behandelt werden, hält die Bundesärztekammer für völlig abwegig. (The German Medical Association esteems the allegation on the UCP’s website, that homosexuality was a disease and could be treated, to be entirely devious.“) Link to the German Union of Catholic Physicians: http://www.bkae.org/index.php?id=48&L=1 See also: http://www.medrum.de/content/bkae-volker-beck-instrumentalisiert-praesident-der-bundesaerztekammer