Radical Feminists Undressed as Protest on St. Peter Square

Country: Italy

Date of incident: November 6, 2011

Three radical feminists undressed at St. Peter Square in Vatican City right after the Pope´s traditional Sunday blessing to the pilgrims gathering there on November 6th. One of the women, identified as Oleksandra Shevchenko, leader of the responsible non-governmental organisation Femen, took off her jacket uncovering a transparent blouse under the balcony of the pope while holding a sign with the phrase "Freedom for Women". According to the media reports, she screamed "We are free" and bit into a cross. When the police came, she took off her blouse, and even her trousers.

The women were arrested but not deported because of the pressure from the media, Femen declared on their website.

Femen is a feminist organization based in Kiev, Ukraine, and is connected to the porn industry. The feminists targeted the Vatican to express their disagreement against the Church "patriarchal, misogynist and oppressive policy on contraception and women´s rights".
In an statement posted on their web site Femen says: "Condemning the usage of contraceptives, worldwide anti-abortion lobby, attempts to restrict the attire and the appearance of women, and prohibition from acquiring church ranks is nothing more than a foul-smelling belch of the witch hunt.”