Overview of Anti-Christian Vandalism in France in 2007

Country: France

Date of incident: December 31, 2007

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

Many acts of vandalism have occured in France in 2007. Please find here a list of examples of various incidents against Christian sites.

Churches and chapels which have been targeted:
* Lot: church of Gramat was vandalized and tagged with satanic symbols (May)
* Lorraine: church of Dommartin twice targeted by satanic vandalism (May)
* Lille: Saint-Anne’s church was devastated by criminal blaze (May)
* Brittany: a XVIth century was completely burnt, only the walls are now left (June)
* Aveyron: 10 churches or chapel were targeted by thefts (July)
* Marseille: Saint-Marc chapel was completely burnt down (August)
* Limoux: a medieval Virgin Mary was beheaded and her coat stollen (September)
* Nantes: the church of Anetz was vandalized, books torn, chairs broken (September)
* Lille: Saint-Michel’s chapel was put to fire (November)
* Perpignan: the cathedral was robbed several times (November)
* Marseille : a church altar was put to fire, furniture and books were destroyed (December)

Cemeteries which have been vandalized
* Nantes: cemetery of la Chevallerais was vandalized (January)
* Sarthe: 55 graves vandalized in Coulombiers (Fébruary)
* La Rochelle: the cemetery was targeted and many graves vandalized (March)
* Seine et Marne: cemetery of Rozay-en-Brie was vandalized (March)
* Indre: cemetery of Rouvres-les-Bois was vandalized (April)
* Maine et Loire: cemetery of Saint-Christophe-du-Bois was vanalized (April)
* Brittany: 77 graves were targeted in the cemetery of Léhon (April)
* Isère: 44 graves were vandalized in the cemetery of la Tour-du-Pain (April)
* Picardie: cemetery of Saintine was vandalized (April)
* Nice: church Saint-antoine de Ginestière was purposely set to fire (January)
* Loire: three chapels were targeted in Saint-Calais (March)
* Le Havre: 180 graves were vandalized by a group of young boys (April)
* Alsace: a cemetery was vandalized in Bischwiller (April)
* Marne: 114 graves were highly damaged in Mesnil-sur-Oger (April)
* Lot-et-Garonne: Saint-Catherine cemetery was vandalized and 58 graves targeted (May)
* Toulouse: 60 graves were vandalized, satanic scriptures tagged (June)
* Essone: 50 graves were profaned in Saint Escobille (June)
* Champagne: 15 grave were vandalized in the cemetery of Vitry-le-François (July)
* Lourdes: 34 graves were deteriorated (July)
* Toulouse: satanic scriptures and swastika were tagged on graves (August)
* Gironde: 61 graves wrecked in Lège-Cap Ferret (September)
* Nantes: 30 graves vandalized in La Chapelle-Basse-Mer (November)